TRINUS - The Affordable All-Metal 3D Printer

Created by Kodama

Made of industrial-grade parts. Transforms into a laser engraver in 60 seconds. Trinus is the professional 3D printer you can afford.

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New: Bardo PCBA release, Marlin2, free LCD upgrade
3 months ago – Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 11:54:01 PM

Dear Backers,

The wait is finally over!

Our Bardo PCBA is finally out and available for purchase from our online stores.

3D Printers have a much longer lifetime than other consumer technologies such as smartphones, where you’re forced to upgrade to the latest model every year or two.

Our Trinus printer is the best testament to this: originally launched in 2016, the mechanics are superb to this day, making this printer a reliable workhorse that supports your creations and needs little to no maintenance.

But we still wanted to see whether we could further upgrade things.

Thanks to your support, Trinus has gathered a large user base, and we want to make sure they can always have the best machine: we don’t take our customers for granted. With the release of Bardo, makers can now use the printer in stealth mode (TMC), open-source Marlin2, enable auto bed leveling, and much more. 

To make it a remarkable upgrade, we are also adding the option to upgrade the existing LCD screens free of charge—this multiplies the amount functionalities available…in the same machine!

Here are some of the main upgrades that Bardo brings to Trinus:

Here you can see stealth mode in action: our old PCBA with A4988 stepper drivers vs our new Trinamic (TMC, stealth mode). 

The first batch of Bardos has been produced and is now on its way to our warehouses in the US and EU (and our temporary fulfilment centre in Hong Kong, open for this week only to cater to our customers based in Asia).

This is a big release for us, and we wanted to update you on our progress: we keep moving forward and improving our machines, and we will keep you updated and part of the journey as always – your support is what makes our mission possible!

Stay tuned for more information and have a great weekend.

Michael and Team Kodama

The evolution of Trinus
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Mar 03, 2018 at 07:43:02 PM

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Trinus and Beyond, Obsidian, and new Kodama Filament
over 2 years ago – Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 01:11:47 AM

Dear Backers,

Thank you for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to deliver Trinus to you. It’s been an amazing journey and along the way we’ve learned some major lessons and have been hard at work making sure Trinus lives on and continues to live on to what we envisioned for it: An all-in-one combination 3D printer and more. As some of you already know, we just launched another Kickstarter, and we want to explain what this means for Trinus.

Since launching Trinus, we’ve made several tweaks to it wherever we saw a need to improve its quality and user experience: A bed leveling system, a hot end silicone sleeve, a filament guide to make loading filament easier, a switch, etc. This has not stopped. There were many modifications prototyped but not OK’d for production, and some still pending approval: tungsten nozzles, carbon fiber beds, enhanced laser, a new LCD screen, open firmware, and more. One thing we get many questions about is new modules.

The Future of Trinus

We’re very excited to announce something we said we’d dedicate R&D to since the campaign: A CNC head. Our CNC module is more than just a carver or surface scratcher, it can completely drill through wooden workpieces and even needs its own 48V PSU to achieve this. We have a CNC expert and former watchmaker working on just the CNC module full time, hands off any other Kodama project, as there is a degree of engineering challenge in making a precise yet strong CNC attachment for a Trinus form factor while controlling for stability. For now we can tell you that it can mill wood and acrylic work pieces just fine. We’ll reveal more about its capabilities later on. See some of our early prototype results for yourself:




 Trinus has a new brother: Obsidian!

Obsidian was built in house by Kodama and is an out of the box fully-assembled plug and print 3D printer, and it starts at $99. We believe that Obsidian takes the ease of use of Trinus several steps further, and helps us achieve our goal of making 3D printing accessible and affordable to everyone, regardless of skill level. We used the print quality of the Trinus as a benchmark for Obsidian, and we think it makes a great companion to Trinus as a dedicated 3D printer or as a gift you can give to your friends and family to introduce them to 3D printing. You’ll also see some new features in Obsidian that will make their way back to Trinus later on. You can see our campaign by clicking this link.


Kodama Filament

In the spirit of making 3D printing affordable and accessible to everyone, we’ve also tested hundreds of different filament types and colors from various sources with the goal of providing high quality filament at a great price. Some of you may have already seen it for sale on our website. Every other month we’ll be releasing new filament colors and types that we find interesting and intriguing. If you can’t decide which spool you want, you can also purchase our sample pack. This month we’re offering hickory wood, pearl white, translucent white, lime green, and emerald green. You can find it in the filament section of

 - Team Kodama



All Kickstarter orders delivered. Getting ready for the future.
almost 3 years ago – Sat, Apr 29, 2017 at 01:00:54 AM

Dear Backers,

Less than one year ago you helped us to make a dream come true. With your support and your pledges, you helped us deliver close to 4,000 Trinus machines (incl. pre-orders) to 80+ countries around the globe.

Already last month we have shipped the last batch of Kickstarter Trinuses, utilizing various express courier services for every corner of the world. And with also this batch successfully completed, we can proudly say that nearly 100% of all our backers have received their machines! In some countries and with some logistics companies it’s not possible to track all orders down online until the last mile. But even counting in backers who didn’t get back to us with updated addresses, deliveries in question account for less than 0.5% of all KS pledges. (So if for some reason you’ve really not heard anything from us in the last 4 weeks, then please send us an e-mail to the dedicated inbox so we can investigate your specific case immediately).

Kodama started lean and has stayed lean – with all the advantages and disadvantages this entails: A Kickstarter campaign brings you a large lump sum of money, and a lot of hype and enthusiasm. When you beat your initial funding goal by an order of magnitude, it feels like nothing can go wrong. Some may start thinking about getting a bigger team, a nice office, or spending on non-necessities. This is a very vulnerable time, and in our industry and business environment suppliers are all too happy to take their cut of your enthusiasm. Showing market demand for your product is one thing, but starting working relationships with manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and couriers is a necessary and very difficult side of the business. Moreover, amounts that seem like a lot of money on Kickstarter turn out to not be very much in the world of tech giants, when you’re competing with established, multinational, and/or investor-backed firms.

We expected delays and there were many, we expected manufacturing errors and even then there were some that caught us off guard. We negotiated hard for every piece of your Trinus kits and learned the hard way how to better judge our partners. Our community got impatient at times, but we take their critiques as tough love and a roadmap for improvement. We welcome our competitors and already see new campaigns inspired heavily by ours. This validates our vision and reminds us that this industry is just getting started. We won't be sleeping while they start the hard part. We’ve worked tirelessly, every day of the week and during holidays to make this happen.  

We Are Still Far From Done

This project doesn’t end with the delivery of the machines. Trinus users should expect to hear from us more often in the coming weeks. We are providing ongoing support, both for technical and general inquiries. With all of the shipping done we can now also concentrate on our backlog (including missing items cases: “We have not forgotten you!”). Support tickets are attended to by our team day and night. But we know that we still weren’t able to resolved all cases. So if you feel that there is something wrong with your ticket and you require more attention, then please help us to help you - with kind reminder (or maybe even two…) in good faith.

One side effect of the batch shipment method and of the ticketing system which we employed is that feedback from earlier batches helped us anticipate what kind of support the last batches would need. So we continuously brainstormed, designed and prototyped ways to improve and upgrade the Trinus.

Trinus Tweaks

(Now available in our US and EU stores; by mid May also in ANZ and ROW)

1. We’ve designed a silicon sleeve that insulates and protects the hot end.

2. Our leveling system for both heated and non-heated print beds, improved for months and with the help of dozens of beta-testers.

3. We're stocking a 144W power supply as deluxe users have been requesting a beefier power adapter. We recommend this power supply for users powering multiple add ons at once.

(Enclosure panel tool for cases of too thick laser safety panels. Available for 0.01$ in all our shops - or entirely for free if you open a new support ticket with a quick note and your latest shipping address.)

The Future of Trinus and Kodama

Trinus has been designed with a modular structure, and will experience a series of incremental upgrades and new add ons.

Kodama’s supply chain: After our first batch trial and error, we hedged our bets by using multiple different logistics partners to deliver our batches. Two different partners delivered to the US, a different one to Canada, one of the US distributors shipped to Australia and another one from the UK delivered to Europe. We used a variety of partners for the rest of the world as well. We learned how to deal with regulatory authorities, certification agencies, and a host of other bureaucratic processes that should be much more streamlined in the future.

We are transitioning from backerkit to regionally-fulfilled e-commerce for ongoing Trinus sales. You can access our pages at:

If you are from the US, Canada or Mexico, select United States.

If you are from the European Union, Switzerland & Norway, select European Union. If you are from Australia or New Zealand select Australia/New Zealand. Asia includes East Asian and Southeast Asian countries – but will soon be open also for “rest of the world”.

Here you can purchase available stock, reserve backordered stock, and sign up to receive e-mail notifications when something you want is back in stock.

Thank you!

So thank you again for supporting us all along this way. You will hear a lot more from Kodama in the next weeks and months (or might already have heard something…).

As a special offer to you, we are offering the silicon sleeves for US$4.99 (€4.99) instead of US$8.99 and Kodama blue filament for US$10 (€10) instead of US$15 for the next 3 days!

At the same time we will greatly appreciate if you stock up on Kodama or Polymaker filaments now with your order of leveling system, silicon sock, etc. Don’t forget to combine this with your 10% backer discount code for our online shops!

Best regards

Your Kodama Team

Michael, Arturo, Maxim, Yunkai - not in the picture: Danny, Leo, Lukas, Roi
Michael, Arturo, Maxim, Yunkai - not in the picture: Danny, Leo, Lukas, Roi


The Rise of Kodama.
almost 3 years ago – Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 03:39:56 PM

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